Full time, professional entertainer now with over 300 songs in the show!

Classic rock, pop rock, fluffy rock, blues rock, hard rock,
classic country with lots of comedy…

Here's some info on what shows are available:


- Over 3+ hours of live entertainment with a good mix of music for everyone...
You can even pick out the music you want to hear, customize the set list for your show
- All vocals/guitars played live with custom studio backing tracks for full band system

 *ALL 80's PARTY*

- New show designed for special 80's themed events...pop, rock, hair metal!
Even some 80’s TV commercials!
- All 80's - All classics - All night long!


- The history of Canadian rock, with over 3 hours of LIVE music
Includes a one hour informative/documentary show tracing the history of rock from
'The Guess Who' to 'The Tragically Hip'


- Some blue humor, song parodies and comedy for mature audiences only...
Comedy CD is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and AmazonMp3.com.
If your clientele can handle it…all comedy mixed in with the music for a fun show !


- 2 x 20 minute 'Tribute' shows with costumes...
starring "MEAT LOAF" and "OZZY" Medley of their hits,
from 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' to 'Crazy Train'!